Heritage at Risk

For over 40 years Nottinghamshire County Council has been assessing the condition of the county’s 4500+ listed buildings through Buildings at Risk surveys. We have worked closely with Nottingham Trent University to help train volunteer graduate and post graduate students in assessing condition and spotting repair and maintenance issues. The survey data is then reviewed and validated before being entered into the HER.  The results of the surveys are then made available to Conservation and Planning officers in our Local Planning Authorities.

Buildings from some recent surveys are published on the Nott's Heritage at Risk Register by the Nottinghamshire Building Preservation Trust. 

The information recorded in the HER is also to help inform the Historic England Heritage at Risk Register

The City of Nottingham is covered by Nottingham City Council’s own Buildings at Risk Register.

Our research informs local, regional, and national strategies to conserve our heritage buildings, and we identify buildings that require attention and assistance in resolving issues in partnership with owners and their Local Planning Authority. Our Buildings at Risk work contributes to the ambitions of the Nottinghamshire Plan 2021-2031 in particular: Ambition 6 - Making Nottinghamshire somewhere people love to live. 

Our Historic Buildings Team work to prevent our built heritage suffering neglect, decay, or unsuitable or unsympathetic developments, to protect and preserve our county’s history.