Nottinghamshire is a county with a fascinating, varied history with a rich and diverse legacy of heritage sites, earthworks, historic buildings and archaeological finds. 

Information on the above is held on the Nottinghamshire Historic Environment Record (HER). The HER includes sites dating from the Palaeolithic through to the 20th Century. There are currently over 25,000 data entries in the Nottinghamshire HER. They refer to features ranging in size from single chance finds, such as Roman coins, to large sites such as WWII airfields. The HER contains records of designated heritage assets such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments and Registered Parks and Gardens, as well as undesignated ones such as other historic buildings and structures, archaeological sites and finds of all types, and historic landscapes.

Using the search tools and mapping window on this site you will now be able to explore our records detailing the area’s rich heritage. Linked to these records are a range of sources including reports of surveys and excavations, plans, publications and a collection of air and ground photographs. The HER is a dynamic resource and new information is added to the record all the time, we aim to make more of this available in the future.

We will also keep you updated on current historic environment projects from the County Heritage Team and our partners as well as events and opportunities to get involved across Nottinghamshire from the County Heritage Team and our partners.

Please note that the information uploaded to this site does not represent the full Historic Environment Record, it is therefore not appropriate to use this resource for planning or commercial purposes. Information on how to contact us for these enquiries can be found in our Access and Charging Policy The Nottinghamshire HER does not cover Nottingham City and enquiries relating to this should be made to Nottingham City Council