Search the Records

Please read below for help with how to use our search tools.

Simple Search

The simple search is a free text option. This means if you type a word or phrase it will look for any of our records that it appears in. You can choose which type of record it searches by selecting one of four types of record.

  • Monuments
  • Events
  • Designations
  • Sources

There is also tick box you can select to choose an exact match for what you have entered. This option is good for a quick browse but you may find it returns many more results than you desired. For more detailed searches you can use the advanced search tools.

Advanced Search

The advanced search tools provide you with more options with which you can refine your search.

They include ‘Site Type’ and ‘Find/artefact Type’ which use a distinct thesaurus used by all HER’S across the country. The thesaurus terms are agreed and published by the Forum for Information Standards in Heritage (FISH). You may find it useful to look at the FISH Thesauri when using these tools.

You can also refine your search using Parish and Time Period. Using the drop down menus you can select the correct place or term. When using the Time Period boxes you can choose a start and end point for your search to fall within whilst a further tick box enables you to select whether the record overlap the periods or fall only within.