Local Heritage Lists

What are they?

Local Heritage Lists are adopted by the local planning authority, they will have a selection criteria upon which any nominated heritage assets are appraised. A local List will be referenced in Local Plans, these give these assets additional consideration in planning.

Local Lists are not the same as designated heritage assets such as Listed Buildings which are assessed by Historic England.

How are these different from entries on the HER?

The HER acts as repository for information on the Historic Environment. Local Lists should be accessioned into the HER but not all HER records will meet the criteria for a Local List.

The HER has been consulted as part of the development of these lists and we are currently working to accession the information to our record.

In the meantime, it is best to obtain up to date information on these from the relevant planning authority.

Where can I view the lists?

The below areas of Nottinghamshire have adopted Local Lists of Heritage Assets.  

(Broxtowe and Newark & Sherwood are also currently engaged in projects to develop lists in conjunction with the HER)