The Buildings of Sherwood

In the late 1960s Nottinghamshire University students conducted a survey of vernacular buildings. Vernacular buildings are those that are built to local traditions using materials that are readily available and incorporating details and designs that reflect local use and influence. The HER contains a 6000 strong card index containing the results of this with each building assessed using a form based on Ronald Brunskill's architectural survey grid.  

Under the Miner2Major scheme a new survey is being conducted to revisit these buildings and explore the villages of Sherwood to identify other historic buildings that were not considered originally. We have helped to train volunteers to spot details of interest, identify materials and assess a buildings use during its history. Using these skills our volunteers have been busy exploring the villages of Sherwood with our survey cards and cameras and have provided some fantastic results, as can be seen below. 

This information will be used to improve existing entries on the HER and create new ones. So far over 100 new records have been added to the HER. We hope the information will help us better understand the survival of this heritage resource and contribute to the creation of local lists, whilst it could be used in the future to highlight trends in the loss of architectural detail and tradition.