Thesaurus Term/Concept: HUNTING LODGE

Identifier 68602
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A weekend retreat for Royal parties and others, when hunting in the Royal forests, or as a viewing station for the chase.

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Context Record
Monument Type MNT17798 ARCHWAY HOUSE (Building)
Monument Type MNT17476 AVERHAM PARK HOUSE (Building)
Monument Type MNT15026 Beeston Lodge, Mansfield Woodhouse (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15645 Bestwood Lodge - Hunting Lodge (Monument)
Monument Type MNT14266 Elmsley Lodge, Rufford (Monument)
Monument Type MNT17601 GONALSTON HALL (Building)
Monument Type MNT14084 Hunting Lodge, Fountain Dale, Lyndhurst (Monument)
Monument Type MNT17214 Hunting lodge, Lodge Plantation, Bunny (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15690 Hunting Lodge, nr Radmanthwaite Farm, Mansfield (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15306 KINGSHAUGH CAMP AT DARLTON (Monument)
Monument Type MNT14205 Langton Lodge/Arbour, Blidworth (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15791 Lodge, Harworth (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15068 Medieval hunting lodge (King John's Palace), Clipstone (Building)
Monument Type MNT17644 OLD HALL FARM HOUSE, KNEESALL (Building)
Monument Type MNT17450 THE MANOR (Building)