Thesaurus Term/Concept: TIMBER SAMPLING

Identifier 145173
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The extraction of a limited quantity of wood for scientific analysis.

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Context Record
Event Type ENT4652 Archaeological Monitoring and Recording and Sampling of Timbers at Robin Hood Hotel 1-3 Lombard Street, Newark (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4514 Church Site Farm, Thorpe-in-the-Glebe - Dendro Report (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT516 Dendrochronological sampling of Priory Gatehouse, Worksop (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT392 Dendrochronological sampling of the Guide House; Gadsby's Farm; Lodge Farm (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4546 Dendrochronological sampling of timber (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4606 Drawn, photographic and timber sampling survey of the bellframe at St Mary and All Saints' Church Hawksworth (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4458 Gotham Manor Gotham – Dendro Report (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4508 imber sampling at South Muskham Prebend, SOUTHWELL (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4461 Langar Hall - Dendro Report (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4607 Recording and timber sampling of the bellframe at Church of St. Gregory, Fledborough (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4463 Sampling of 8 cores from timbers in the nave of Chruch of St. Bartholomew, Langford (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4425 Sampling of timbers at Low Farmhouse, Church Lane, Maplebeck (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4486 Sampling of timbers below the floor of the nave at All Saints Church (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4240 Sampling of timbers for Tree-Ring Analysis (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4504 Samplng of timbers at Selston Church, Selston (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4459 The Hollies, Main Road, Watnall (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4448 The Manor Farm, Cropwell Bishop – Timber Sampling (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4453 Timber Sampling at the Church of St.Peter, Church Lane, Headon-Cum-Upton (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4446 Timber sampling (Beam slices) of bell-frame (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4444 Timber sampling (Core and slice) of Holme Garth House (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4513 Timber sampling at 1 Soar Lane, Sutton Bonnington (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4491 Timber sampling at 103 Station Street, Misterton (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4162 Timber sampling at 3 Newgate Street, Bingham for tree-ring analysis of timbers (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4496 Timber sampling at 33 Balderton Gate, Newark (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4499 Timber sampling at 75 Main Street, Normanton on Soar (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4488 Timber sampling at Barn at No.31 Main Street, Keyworth (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4451 Timber sampling at Church Farm and Barn, Main Street, Hayton (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4455 Timber Sampling at Church of St. Giles, Holme (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4475 Timber sampling at Cooksons Cottage (House), Misson (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4454 Timber sampling at Hodsock Priory Gate House, Hodsock (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4573 Timber sampling at Home Farm Cottage Westhorpe Southwell (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4490 Timber sampling at Kneesall Old Hall (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4464 Timber sampling at Langford Manor, Langford (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4472 Timber sampling at Lowdham Old Hall Barn by Nottingham tree-ring dating laboratory (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4471 Timber Sampling at Lowdham Old Hall by Nottingham Tree-Ring Dating Lab (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4473 Timber Sampling at Mansfield Woodhouse Priory (1985) (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4512 Timber sampling at No.1 Bucks Lane, Sutton Bonnington (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4501 Timber sampling at Palis Hall, Norwell (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4456 Timber sampling at Ridge Farm Barn, Elton (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4494 Timber sampling at Southwell Minster, Southwell (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4510 Timber sampling at Sutton Grange Farm, Sutton-in-Ashfield (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4506 Timber sampling at Thatch(ed) Cottage, The Green, South Collingham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4502 Timber sampling at the Aisled Barn at Ragnall House (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4442 Timber sampling at The Hollies, Bathley (Two sampling dates) (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4511 Timber sampling at The Manor House, Devonshire Square, Sutton-in-Ashfield (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4498 Timber sampling at The Old White Hart, Newark (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4507 Timber Sampling at The Saracen's Head, Southwell in 1983 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4492 Timber sampling at The Saracen's Head, Southwell in 1988 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4505 Timber sampling at Wansley Hall, Selston (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4593 Timber sampling at Warsop Old Hall (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4457 Timber sampling at Wisteria Cottage, Old Post Office Street, Everton (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4516 Timber sampling at Worksop Priory Gatehouse (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4489 Timber sampling at Yew Tree Farmhouse, Main Street, Kirton (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4235 Timber sampling for tree-ring analysis of 40 Westhorpe, Southwell (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4419 Timber Sampling for Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers from Manor Farm, Kersall (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4138 Timber sampling for Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers from the Aisled Barn, Yew Tree Farm, North Leverton by NUTRRG (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4143 Timber sampling for tree-ring anaylsis at Hempshill Hall, Nuthall by NTRDL (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4497 Timber sampling from 22-24 Kirkgate, Newark (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4460 Timber sampling from the Bell frame of Holy Trinity Church, Lambley (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4449 Timber Sampling from The Wheatsheaf, Cropwell Bishop (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4500 Timber sampling from The Woolpack Inn, Stodman Street, Newark (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4515 Timber sampling from Winkburn Hall (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4474 Timber sampling in 1987 at Mansfield Woodhouse Priory by Nottingham Tree-Ring Dating Lab (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4445 Timber sampling of 12 cores from the bell frame at the remains of the Church of St. Miacheal (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4447 Timber Sampling of 16 core samples from the bell-frame produced at felling date of 1609/10. (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4462 Timber sampling of beams and rafters at the Unicorn Public House, Langar (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4495 Timber sampling of one purlin at 5 Balderton Gate, Newark (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4430 Timber sampling of roof timbers from Meeting House Cottage, The Cross, Carlton-in-Lindrick (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4183 Timber Sampling of the Bellframe at St Katherine’s Church, Teversal (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4443 Timber sampling of the bell-frame of Church of St. Mary, Bleasby (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4239 Timber sampling of timbers at 61 Long Acre (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4237 Timber sampling of timbers at Auld Cottage, Main Street, Norwell. By English Heritage (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4431 Timber Sampling of timbers from 1-3 North Gate (formerly Transport House) Newark (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4231 Timber sampling of timbers from Ravens Farm, 8 Church Street, Misterton (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4209 Timber sampling of timbers of the doorway at Sibthorpe Pigeoncote (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4503 Timber sampling of timbers removed from St Wilfred's church during repairs (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4416 Tree-Ring sampling analysis of timbers from the Bellframe and Belfry Floor of St Swithun's Church, Woodborough (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4418 Tree-Ring sampling for analysis of timbers from St. Giles Church, Elkesley (Event - Survey)
Event Type ENT4415 Tree-Ring sampling of timbers from Manor Farm Barn, Town Street, Askham (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ENT4509 Yews Farmhouse, Main St. Styrrup with Oldcotes (Event - Intervention)