Thesaurus Term/Concept: COTTON MILL

Identifier 69319
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Usually a cotton spinning factory, although some mills have weaving sheds attached, in which case the end product is completed cloth, not yarn only.

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Context Record
Monument Type MNT15029 Bath Mill; Goldie, Wade and Goldie, Mansfield (Partially Demolished) (Building)
Monument Type MNT12993 BEEHIVE MILLS (Monument)
Monument Type MNT14104 Castle Mill; Linby Mill; Top Mill, Linby (Building)
Monument Type MNT13543 Cliff Mill, Lowdham / Gonalston (Building)
Monument Type MNT13000 Cotton mill (1) Site now under Queen's Medical Cen (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15188 Cotton mill, (Cuckney School) Cuckney (Building)
Monument Type MNT13597 Cotton Mill, Britannia Mills, Carlton (Monument)
Monument Type MNT13765 Cotton spinning mill. (1) (Monument)
Monument Type MNT14096 Croft Mill, Mansfield (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15043 Field Mill, Mansfield (DEMOLISHED) (Building)
Monument Type MNT14356 FISKERTON MILL (Building)
Monument Type MNT13703 Forge Mill, Hucknall (Building)
Monument Type MNT14101 Grange Mill; Old Mill, Hucknall (Building)
Monument Type MNT14097 Hermitage Mill, Mansfield (Building)
Monument Type MNT15190 Langwith Mill, Nether Langwith (Building)
Monument Type MNT15663 Lower Mill; Middle Mill, Hucknall (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15031 Old Town Mil / Church Mill, Mansfield (Building)
Monument Type MNT16974 Pleasley Mills: Lower Mill, Number 1 Mill (Building)
Monument Type MNT16978 Pleasley Mills: Number 2 Mill, Mansfield (Building)
Monument Type MNT16973 Pleasley Mills: Upper Mill, Number 3 Mill (Building)
Monument Type MNT26514 Robinson's Mills (Monument Group)
Monument Type MNT15030 Stanton's Mill, Mansfield (Building)
Monument Type MNT14105 The Old Mill; Unwin's Mill; Dobson's Silk Throwsters (Building)
Monument Type MNT14249 Watermill, Cotton Mill Farm, Edingley (Monument)
Monument Type MNT14229 Watermill, Maythorne Mill, Southwell (Monument)
Monument Type MNT12599 Zouch's Mills, Sutton Bonington (Building)