Thesaurus Term/Concept: SHIFTED VILLAGE

Identifier 69005
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An extant settlement which shows evidence of a shift in focus, eg. towards a new road, generally in the form of abandoned buildings or earthworks on the margin furthest from the new focus.

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Context Record
Monument Type MNT13038 Colston Bassett Shifted Medieval Village (Monument)
Monument Type MNT14759 LANGFORD MEDIEVAL VILLAGE (Monument)
Monument Type MNT13034 Newbold Shifted Medieval Village (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15736 Shifted Medieval Village, Kinoulton (Monument)
Monument Type MNT17032 SHIFTED VILLAGE AT WINKBURN (Monument)
Monument Type MNT13259 Shifted village, Bingham (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15973 Shifted village, Carlton in Lindrick (Monument)
Monument Type MNT17015 Shifted Village, Hickling (Monument)
Monument Type MNT13394 Shifted village, Sibthorpe (Monument)