Thesaurus Term/Concept: TEXTILE MILL

Identifier 69317
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Any factory used for the manufacture of textiles.

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Context Record
Monument Type MNT12781 Anglo-Scotian Mills, Beeston (Building)
Monument Type MNT12872 Anglo-Scotian Mills, Chilwell (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15708 Gorton's Mill, Cuckney (Monument)
Monument Type MNT14670 HAWTON MILL AT NEWARK (Monument)
Monument Type MNT14094 Matlock Mill, Mansfield (Building)
Monument Type MNT15032 Mills, Mansfield (Monument)
Monument Type MNT15034 New Town Mill, Mansfield (Monument)
Monument Type MNT13981 Old Malthouse Textile Mill, (Smedleys Buildings) (Monument)
Monument Type MNT14095 Reed Mill / Bleakhills Mill, Mansfield (Monument)