Forest to Frontline Archaeology Event at Sherwood Pines

Come join us at Sherwood Pines for a day of learning about the history and archaeology of Sherwood Pines. Archaeologists, historians, researchers, and palaeoenvironmentalists will be there to show what has been found in Sherwood Pines, how the environment has changed throughout history, and how learning about archaeology and history can help promote community and wellbeing.

Date: Sunday April 28th

When: 10am-3pm

Where: Events room at the Sherwood Pines Visitor Centre

There will be a guided archaeology tour of the WWI training trenches that were excavated during our 2023 fieldwork from 1pm-3pm, leaving from the Sherwood Pines visitor centre. The walk will be approximately 4km long and go over rough terrain so please dress accordingly. Spaces are limited so please email our HER Officer Tori at to secure your spot or find out more.

Photograph of an excavation at Sherwood Pines

If you can't make it on Sunday, you can still explore Sherwood Pines' WWI history on the HER. Click here to read more about Clipstone Camp, and here about the trench system. The LiDAR layer on the mapping portal helps shed light on the hidden features within the forest, just click on 'Base Layers' on the maps on the Clipstone Camp and trench system pages. 

You can also read about the project here.

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