Site Event/Activity record ENT3998 - Historic Parks and Gardens Survey


Grid reference SK 00000 00000 (point)
Map sheet SK00SW
District Ashfield
District Bassetlaw
District Broxtowe
District Gedling
District Mansfield
District Newark
District Nottingham
District Rushcliffe



Notts Historic Gardens Trust





Survey of historic parks and gardens in Nottinghamshire. Based on work by John Biggadyke for Notts Historic Gardens Trust and map-based research (chiefly using Sanderson) by V Baddely of NCC. Surviving gardens of sufficient interest were visited. The aim was to identify candidate sites for registering to send to English Heritage. Work on this subject has continued after completion of the initial project.

Sources/Archives (1)

  • --- Unpublished document: Notts Historic Gardens Trust. 1995-1997. Notts Historic Parks and Gardens Files.

Related Monuments/Buildings (242)

  • Annesley Park (Park/Garden)
  • Averham Park (Park/Garden)
  • Beaumont Gardens, Newark (Park/Garden)
  • Belle Eau Park, Kirklington (Park/Garden)
  • Bestwood Park (Park/Garden)
  • Bevercotes Park (Park/Garden)
  • Bramcote Hills Park (Park/Garden)
  • Canch Recreation Ground, Worksop (Park/Garden)
  • Carr Bank Park, Mansfield (Park/Garden)
  • Cemetery, Mansfield (Park/Garden)
  • Cemetery, Retford (Park/Garden)
  • Cemetery, Sutton in Ashfield (Park/Garden)
  • Christchurch Rest Garden, Radford (Park/Garden)
  • Church / Rock Cemetery, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Churchyard, Holbeck (Park/Garden)
  • Clipstone Park (Park/Garden)
  • Clumber Park (Park/Garden)
  • Coppice Recreation Ground, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Epperstone Park (Park/Garden)
  • Fountain Gardens, Newark (Park/Garden)
  • Friary Gardens, Newark (Park/Garden)
  • Garden at Bromley House, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Garden at Lenton Hurst, Lenton (Park/Garden)
  • Garden at Morton Grange (Park/Garden)
  • Garden at Westfield House, Mansfield Woodhouse (Park/Garden)
  • Garden at Willoughby House, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • General Cemetery, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Arnot Hill, Arnold (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Aspley Hall, Radford (Monument Group)
  • Grounds at Avenue Farm, Normanton on the Wolds (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Averham Parsonage (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Bagthorpe House, Basford (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Barnby Moor House (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Basford Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Beauvale Manor, Greasley (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Belle Vue, Beeston (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Berry Hill Hall, Mansfield (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Bestwood Pumping Station (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Bramcote Grove (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Bramcote Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Brentwood, Mansfield (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Bridgford House, West Bridgford (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Broadlands, Mansfield (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Broxtowe Hall, Bilborough (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Bulcote Lodge (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Bulcote Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Calverton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Caunton Manor House (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Chilwell Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Cockglode, Edwinstowe (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Cotgrave Place (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Crow Hill (Farm), Greasley (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Cuckney Hill (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Debdale Hall, Mansfield Woodhouse (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Eakring Rectory (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at East Bridgford Hill (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Easthorpe House, Ruddington (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Eaton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Edwinstowe Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Elston Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Elton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Farnsfield Pumping Station (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Felley Priory (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Fountain Dale, Blidworth (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Gateford Hill (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Gedling House (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Gedling Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Gold Hill, Southwell (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Hall Farm, Kinoulton (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Hall Farm, Kirklington (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Harness Grove (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Haywood Oaks (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Hempshill Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Hodsock Park (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Hodsock Priory (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Holme Pierrepont Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Innisdoon, Mansfield (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Kirkby Hardwick (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Kirkby Old Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Kirketon Hall, Car Colston (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Lamb Close House, Greasley (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Lambley Pumping Station (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Langford Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Langford Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Langton Hall, Kirkby in Ashfield (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Langwith Lodge (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Lenton Abbey, University Campus (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Lenton Firs, University Campus (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Lenton Grove, University Campus (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Lenton Hall, University Campus (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Lenton House, University Campus (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Lound Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Manor Farm, Clipston (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Mapperley House, Basford (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Marnham Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Muskham Grange (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Muskham House, North Muskham (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Netherfield House, Epperstone (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Nettleworth Hall, Mansfield Woodhouse (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Newthorpe Grange, Greasley (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Old Hall, East Bridgford (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Old Rectory, Kirkby in Ashfield (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Owthorpe Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Oxton Grange (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Papplewick Pumping Station (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Radcliffe Lodge, Radcliffe on Trent (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Ragnall Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Rampton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Rampton Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Sansom Wood, Calverton (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Saxondale Hospital, Radcliffe on Trent (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Scarrington House (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Scrooby Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Shelford Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Shelton Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Sherwood Hall, Mansfield (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Skegby Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Sloswick House (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at St Anne's Manor, Sutton Bonington (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Sutton Bonington Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Syerston Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Teversal Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at The Hall, East Bridgford (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at The Hall, Holme (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at The Hall, North Clifton (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at The Rectory, Bingham (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Thorney Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Thoroton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Thurgarton Hill (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Thurgarton Workhouse, Upton (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Trowell Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Upton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Villa Real, Edwinstowe (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Wellow Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at West Retford Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at West Retford House (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Wilford House (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Wiverton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Woodborough Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Woodhouse Hall, Holbeck (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds at Woodhouse Place, Mansfield Woodhouse (Park/Garden)
  • Grounds of Bilby Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Haughton Park (Park/Garden)
  • Hexgrave Park, Farnsfield (Park/Garden)
  • Hockerwood Park, Southwell (Park/Garden)
  • Hungerhill Gardens, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Huthwaite Welfare Grounds and Cemetery (Park/Garden)
  • King Edward Park, Sneinton (Park/Garden)
  • King's Park, Retford (Park/Garden)
  • Kingsway Park, Kirkby in Ashfield (Park/Garden)
  • Lady Goodwin's Children's Corner (Park/Garden)
  • Lenton Recreation Ground (Park/Garden)
  • Manton Cemetery, Worksop (Park/Garden)
  • Marshal Tallard's Garden, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Meadows Recreation Ground, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Memorial Avenue Gardens, Worksop (Park/Garden)
  • Memorial Gardens, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Morton Park, Babworth (Park/Garden)
  • Mr Elliot's Garden / Radford Grove (Park/Garden)
  • Newark Castle Gardens (Park/Garden)
  • Newark Cemetery (Park/Garden)
  • Northern Cemetery, Bulwell (Park/Garden)
  • Nottingham Arboretum (Park/Garden)
  • Nottingham Castle Gardens (Park/Garden)
  • Osberton Park (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Babworth Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Beaconfield Hall/Coddington Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Beesthorpe Hall, Caunton (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Blyth Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Brackenhurst, Southwell (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Brookhill Hall, Kirkby in Ashfield (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Bulwell Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Bunny Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Carlton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Carlton Hall, Carlton on Trent (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Clifton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Colston Hall, Colston Bassett (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Colwick Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Eastwood Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Epperstone Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Flintham Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Grove Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Headon Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Highfields, Lenton (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Kelham Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Kingston Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Kirklington Hall/Rodney School (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Langar Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Newstead Abbey (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Norwood Hall, Southwell (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Nuthall Temple (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Ossington Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Oxton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Papplewick Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Park Hall, Mansfield Woodhouse (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Ramsdale House, Arnold (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Ranby Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Ranby House, Babworth (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Rempstone Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Rufford Abbey (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Serlby Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Sherwood Lodge, Arnold (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Stanford Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Stapleford Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Staunton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Stoke Hall, East Stoke (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Strelley Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Sutton Hall/The Lawn, Sutton in Ashfield (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Thrumpton Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Thurgarton Priory (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Tollerton Hall/Roclaveston Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Watnall Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Whatton Manor (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Widmerpool Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Winthorpe Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Park at Woodthorpe Grange, Basford (Park/Garden)
  • Part of Park at Hardwick Hall (Park/Garden)
  • Pleasance and Prospect mound, Cranmer's Mound, Aslockton (Monument)
  • Racecourse Recreation Ground, Mansfield (Park/Garden)
  • Radford Recreation Ground (Park/Garden)
  • Recreation Ground, Oakdale Road, Carlton (Park/Garden)
  • Scofton Park (Park/Garden)
  • Sherwood Country Park, Edwinstowe (Park/Garden)
  • Shireoaks Park (Park/Garden)
  • Southwell Park/New Park (Park/Garden)
  • The Forest, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Thoresby Park (Park/Garden)
  • Titchfield Park and Cemetery, Hucknall (Park/Garden)
  • Titchfield Park, Mansfield (Park/Garden)
  • University Park, Lenton (Park/Garden)
  • Vernon Park, Basford (Park/Garden)
  • Victoria Embankment, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Wallingwells Park (Park/Garden)
  • Waterloo Promenade, Nottingham (Park/Garden)
  • Welbeck Park (Park/Garden)
  • Wellow Park (Park/Garden)
  • Wilford Hill / Southern Cemetery (Park/Garden)
  • Winkburn Park (Park/Garden)
  • Wiseton Park (Park/Garden)
  • Wollaton Park (Park/Garden)
  • Worksop Manor Park (Park/Garden)
  • Yeoman Hill Park (Park/Garden)

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